Friday, 28 February 2014

Locking, Popping, Tutting... What?!

Ballet Revolucion
Photo: Nilz Boehme
Ever seen street dance being performed and wondered whether it was locking, popping, breaking, vogue or another style? Here are some *very* basic definitions to help:

Street dance - an umbrella term for a variety of dance styles that evolved on the street and in other informal settings such as clubs and parties
Michael McNeish in ZooNation's
Groove on Down the Road. Photo: Ed Miller
Hip hop - a style of street dance performed to hip hop music

Locking - movements that freeze and 'lock' in a certain positions before resuming
Popping - quickly contracting and relaxing muscles to cause a jerk or 'pop' in the body, such that movements appear robotic

Voguing - model-like poses with angular, linear and rigid arm, leg and body movements

Breaking (or b-boying) - an acrobatic and mainly improvised style that typically includes a lot of floor-based movements

Tutting - a style where movements are based on the geometric angles of Ancient Egyptian drawings

If you have any suggestions for further definitions that should be added, let me know!

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