Saturday, 25 January 2014

Anatomia Publica

Anatomia Publica, Man Drake, Barbican - reviewed on 22nd January
Sandrine Maisonneuve in Anatomia Publica
Photo: Axel Perez
Creator Tomeo Vergés introduces Anatomia Publica. With a butcher father, childhood trips to the slaughter house began a lifelong fascination with flesh, which continued in her career as a doctor and now through choreography.
Named after the public dissections of the 19th Century, the work is a dissection of awkwardness, with three dancers – representing an uncomfortable ménage a trois – moving jerkily and repetitively. To equally disjointed sounds, performers read a newspaper, remove their coats and embrace, constantly getting ‘stuck’ in uneasy positions.
Initially fascinating, this shuddering choreography quickly becomes tiresome. The situation’s discomfort is effectively conveyed, but the idea is not developed further.

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