Sunday, 20 October 2013

Top Pas de Trois

To brighten up the wintery weather, I've chosen some of my favourite pas de trois videos.

Frederick Ashton's Monotones I is both frighteningly lime green and exquisitely beautiful. Here Emma Magiure, Akane Takada and Dawid Trzensmiech perform the incredibly musical trio:

This pas de trois from Swan Lake is where up and coming dancers are often cast, so it's a good place to look out for stars of the future. Here are the already 'up and came' Laura Morera, Yuhui Choe and Steven McRae performing:
This is a more unusual trio from Manon, which takes place after the title character has run away and slept with her lover. Following a passionate morning pas de deux, Manon is found by and dances with her brother, Lescaux, and a wealthy admirer, Monsieur GM,  performed below by Clairemarie Osta, Stéphane Bullion and Stéphane Phavorin:

This pas de trois is one of the Act III divertissements of Sleeping Beauty, danced here by Deirdre Chapman, Laura Morera and Valeri Hristov:
Finally, the Masks dance from Romeo and Juliet is a fabulous pas de trois for Romeo and his two friends, Benvolio and Mercutio. Here are Steven Heathcote, Adam Marchant and David McAllister of the Australian Ballet in John Cranko's version:

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