Thursday, 11 July 2013

Los Vivancos

Aeternum, Los Vivancos, London Coliseum - reviewed on 9th July

Publicity materials described the show as mixing "fearless flamenco with ballet, martial arts, tap dance and a sprinkling of magic", but what really persuaded me to attend was the fact that this was a company of seven dancing brothers. How can this be possible? I had to see for myself. 

The show didn't start well, with the performers stamping about the stage in asymmetric laced up white shirts and tight trousers, with looks on their faces as if to say "we're gorgeous, talented and deserve to rule the world". The effect was less than thrilling choreographically, and, needless to say, incredibly camp. But at least they could dance.

Unfortunately things proceeding distinctly downwards from there. Whilst the seven brothers are undoubtedly skilled, most of the show, with its poor attempts at narrative (horned monsters attack cape-swishing Rothbart wannabe), costume (cowboy boots and wristbands) and lighting (flashing, flashing, flashing) utterly overwhelmed the quality of the dancing. 

There were, however, a few moments that did display the promised 'magic'. One dancer managed to interweave playing complex drum beats with the rapid rhythms of his flamenco feet, and another was even able to combine excellent flute playing with some superb dancing. 
The cast got a standing ovation for their skill, but it would be a good idea if the show's creators reworked Aeternum to put this at the forefront.

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