Sunday, 16 June 2013

Royal Ballet 2012/13 Season Highlights

Here are my top three ballets from the Royal Ballet's 2012/13 season, which has just finished:
1. Las Hermanas
The claustrophobic sets and repressed characters make this ideal MacMillan territory. The ballet was a gorgeous mix of sensuality, powerfully restricted choreography and a shock ending.

Thiago Soares and Zenaida Yanowsky in Las Hermanas
Photo: Bill Cooper, courtesy of ROH
2. Natalia Osipova in Swan Lake
For the first time, I understood Odette's plight as Osipova made every movement meaningful and evocative, desperately attempting to escape her fate as a swan. Simply sublime.
3. Onegin
I love this ballet, with its gorgeous score and incredibly dramatic choreography. This year, I particularly enjoyed comparing the contrasting interpretations of Cojocaru/Kobborg and Nunez/Soares.
Other season highlights included Leanne Benjamin in Requiem, Emma Maguire and Valentino Zucchetti in Voices of Spring and Edward Watson in The Metamorphosis.

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