Monday, 31 December 2012


Jubilation, The London Ballet Company, Bridewell Theatre – reviewed on 19th December

In the upstairs hall of the Bridewell Theatre, amidst fairy lights and Christmas decorations, The London Ballet Company performed a show celebrating all things 2012.

Taking inspiration from the traditional Nutcracker and using much of its music, Jubilation began with a young girl creeping downstairs on Christmas Eve, but instead of battling mice and being transported to the Kingdom of Sweets, she is “led upon a journey of remembrance” through the year’s events. She flies to London, observes the Olympics and even becomes the Queen and waves at boats in her Jubilee Pageant.

The London Ballet Company is still trying to find its unique style and attempting to make dance more relevant to modern audiences. Their vision was evident in 00 and his 7 but is less successful here. Some moments work well – coloured umbrellas cleverly stack to become the Olympic rings and a Chinese dance on pointe is charming and delicate. But much of the production feels disjointed and choreography is unfortunately weak.

What is abundantly clear is the talent of the dancers on display. All professionally trained, they deserve a larger audience. I believe this company has a niche – in lunchtime and corporate entertainment taking inspiration from current affairs – and I hope with its home now at the Bridewell Theatre, The London Ballet Company will continue along this avenue.

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