Sunday, 11 November 2012

Valentino Zucchetti Choreographic Afternoon

Valentino Zucchetti on Choreography, Ivy House Music and Dance, London Jewish Cultural Centre - 4th November

Leticia Stock (right) in Ballo della Regina
Photo: Bill Cooper, courtesy of ROH
Valentino Zucchetti created a unique pas de deux for performance at the London Jewish Cultural Centre last weekend. Working with fellow Royal Ballet dancers, Leticia Stock (pictured) and Dawid Trezensimiech, he guided a small audience through creating a new work, including completing the duet's choreography live during the session. Observers were encouraged to ask questions and even offer suggestions to improve dancers' performance!

Zucchetti began by explaining how he approaches choreography. He typically plan what he wants before reaching the studio but his detailed visualisations often need to be compromised when translated into real life. He also takes inspiration from dancers particularly in terms of choreographing transitions between main movements.
The duet created for the afternoon, Misericordia, featured a choral score from Macnificat by Johann Sebastian Bach. Zucchetti has been listening to the music for three years and hopes eventually to choreograph for the whole piece. His vision for the pas de deux took inspiration from the score's lyricism and displayed a woman highly dependent on her partner for support through a series of lifts and poses. Zucchetti highlighted to dancers the importance of taking risks with Stock leaning on Trezensimiech as much as possible. 
The afternoon finished with a beautiful performance of the then-finished pas de deux with dancers in simple costumes. The London Jewish Cultural Centre will host another dance event, with Royal Ballet principal Steven McRae, in April 2013.

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