Saturday, 8 September 2012

Marianela Nuñez

Marianela Nuñez, Ballet Association meeting, Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church - 5th September

Royal Ballet principal, Marianela Nuñez, spoke to the Ballet Association on Wednesday. Determined to be a ballerina from the age of 5, she spent her early years in Buenos Aires taking as many ballet lessons as possible alongside academic school. It was a busy and tiring schedule but she has no regrets: “I had the best childhood – doing what I loved every day”. At the age of 15, Nuñez moved to London to join the Royal Ballet School, and a year later was offered a place in the company. 

Nunez signing autographs
Photo: Laura Dodge
As delightful a person as she is onstage, Nuñez describes her career with the Royal Ballet as making her “so happy and so fulfilled”. She loves Balanchine works and was thrilled to be recently coached by Merill Ashley in Ballo della Regina. The work has so much speed and detail that it’s “like a full-length ballet in 20 minutes”. Balanchine technique has to be impeccable, but his ballets are “heaven if you want to feel like a ballerina… I could do the Diamonds pas de deux for breakfast.”

Nuñez also adores MacMillan choreography. She felt like “the luckiest girl in the world” to perform one of her dream roles, the Woman in Song of the Earth. MacMillan’s dramatic roles are similarly favourites; as Juliet, she forgets about everything for three hours and always cries afterwards. “It’s amazing what you can feel doing a MacMillan role. You can use your own life experiences – his works are so real, so human.”

Nuñez has enjoyed working with contemporary choreographers, including Wayne McGregor and Liam Scarlett. Every role she dances gives her new challenges and the chance to develop as a dancer. She is also currently working on documentary, All I am, which uses ballet to explore the relationship between her and husband Thiago Soares. Most memorably, filming included performing a pas de deux in her wedding dress on the freezing cold streets of Argentina.

What does Nuñez hope for in the future? Her ambition is simple: “I want to keep growing as an artist”.

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